Water Sports in Goa

Though Goa is an adventure in itself, water sports take it a step beyond. Diving, catamaran sailing, jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing keeps your heart racing as you test the waters and let out the adventurer in you. There are plenty of water sports operators in Goa, especially in North Goa, and you can identify them by the herd of water scooters and boats parked in one corner of the beach.

Some of the important areas for water sports in Goa include:

Calangute – It has the main hub of water sports, and with so many operators, the rates are competitive and economical as compared to the other beaches

Palolem – Though a serene beach, it has some brilliant water sports opportunities on offer Baga – The place to be if you wish to break free and indulge in some rocking watersports action

Grande Island – Famous as a scuba diving destination