Menzes Braganza Institute, Goa

One step into the Menzes Braganza Institute and you will feel like you have travelled back in time. This place is known for housing some of the rarest artifacts from the Portuguese rule and is also a meeting spot for Goa's intelligentsia. Amongst its collection of about 250 paintings, the Institute boasts of housing masterpieces by English and Portuguese genuises of the 19th century like Mattis Broque, Henry Russo, Reonar, Cezanne,Groze and Pissaro.

The prestigious list of Indian artists whose works are displayed here includes the likes of M F Hussain, Souza, Prafull Dahanukar and Raza. Formerly called the Institute Vasco da Gama, the place was renamed after Menezes Braganza, an important freedom fighter from Goa. The Portuguese style of this building has 24 windows on each side of the enterance, and is touted as the longest facade in all of Goa.