acronymZalor Beach, Goa

Empty except for a handful of shacks, a lone lifeguard tower, one or two fishing boats standing abandoned on the creamy white sands, and some palm trees lining the shore, Zalor is definitely one of the quietest, cleanest and prettiest beaches in Goa, spread right next to the Varca beach. Like many other beaches in Goa, Zalor Beach is also an important fishing zone. If you make it to the beach during early dawn or late dusk, you can easily catch the fishermen in action. Don’t forget your camera, you might get lucky with some great shots!

Though Zalor is unarguably dazzling during the daylight, it has a surreal quality during a moonlit night. Since it falls in a major Catholic zone, you will spot a number of churches, chapels and crosses scattered across the beach. There is a parking spot for your private vehicles at the beach entrance. A bar-cum-restaurant is situated on the left of the parking space and remains open all the year round. Over the years a number of buildings have sprouted up on this beach which are an eyesore, but for most part, they remain empty. Hence, Zalor still remains quiet and undisturbed.

Zalor beach lies at a distance of 14 km from Margao. Though it lies just south of the Varca beach, there are no direct buses to this beach. It is accessible only via private transportation or tuk-tuks. Nonetheless, you also have the option of reaching Cavelossim beach (about 4 km away) and walking north from there to reach this one. Keep an eye out for road signs which take you towards the Cormona village.