Have you ever wondered if you could walk to an open, living museum and see history play itself out in front of your eyes? Calizz is the answer to your wish, an open museum capturing the local lifestyles and cultures, as well as priceless artefacts that define Goa. The Calizz complex, which literally means "heart" in the local Konkani language, has several Portuguese-style houses, depicting different lifestyles, including that of a fisherman (complete with an antique boat in place), a Tobacco house with wooden carvings and a simple carpenter’s hut. A massive Portuguese mansion here that belonged to an old lady follows the quaint custom of dividing the house into three (for each of her sons) and giving one each to God (the priest), the Devil (lawyer) and to the people (doctor).

The complex also houses a Hindu household, depicting the staunch Brahmin practices followed even in Goa, complete with minimalistic furniture and a simple, uncomplicated layout. The collection of artefacts range from old carved furniture and glassware to crockery, utensils, pottery and metal ware. The "garden of lost plants" here strives to give you an insight into the several locally grown medicinal herbs. And when hunger strikes, you can always indulge in authentic Goan culinary art here, accompanied by delicious home-made wine - an authentic experience which matches no other. Lose yourself in the mesmerising charm of history, while the sea-breeze adds a sense of calm to your experience.