Varca Beach, Goa

The first thing that you notice on Varca Beach is the absence of crowds so typical of the beaches. You can even cycle here when the tides are low. While exploring this beach, you will come across rows of large fishing boats which belong to the Christian community here. You can spot the fishermen in action if you come during dawn or dusk. The sun sinking into the sea in all its red blazing glory, and the silhouettes of the fishermen throwing open their nets, come together to create a vivid image in your mind.

Since its not that popular, you won’t find a lot of shacks on this beach. There is one at the main beach entrance called the Mama’s kitchen, one next to Club Mahindra and another opposite hotel Zuri. Like the Betalbatim beach, Varca is also lined with pine trees. Once you are done with the beach you can also visit the nearby Varca village. It is quite well developed and full of shops and other modern conveniences. There is a signpost near the Varca church which reads, “You are being watched”. Ominous much?

The beach is pretty easy to find once you get to the village. The main road leading to the beach will take you to a T-junction. On your left lie the Club Mahindra resort and Zuri. The road on the right will take you right upto the beach (after some twists and turns).