Santrem Beach, Goa

Generally, the beaches in Goa are associated with relentless and limitless fun, frolic and enjoyment. The atmosphere at these beaches is always carnival and the crowd is in the mood of boisterous celebrations. However, there are quiet a few beaches which are famous for their silent and leisurely pace and isolated identity and offer the tourists with the intention of leisure and relaxing a place all to themselves where the disturbance from holidaying crowds and vendors is minimal. The santrem Beach is one such peaceful stretch of clean white sand which provides an unwinding opportunity with minimal interference.

Hidden between Bogmalo and Dabolim airport towards the hillock is Santrem beach. A secluded rocky and red mud edged coastline along the Arabian Sea from where the fishing community ventures into the sea. Except at 3 am when the fishermen set out in huge trawlers and little round palm thatched boats, the rest of the time Santrem is quiet and the best place to throw your bait and fishing rods.