Utorda Beach, Goa

Utorda is a small beach with the usual palms and coconut trees lining the shore. Compared to the beaches of North Goa or the nearby Colva beach, this one sees a lot less traffic. However, you can indulge in a number of water sports, the most popular being water bikes and if the wind direction is right, water skiing. With lifeguards spread on the beach, it is perfectly safe to go for a swim. There have been a number of dolphin sightings reported on this beach.

Moreover, Utorda has some pretty amazing shacks which serve great Goan/Konkani food. They will even bring your food and drink right across the beach to your beach chair. While exploring the beach, you will come across a lot of Russian sign boards in front of the shacks. The reason being, this beach has apparently been frequented by a lot of Russian tourists over the past few years. Apart from shacks, you can also find more permanent structures like the popular bar restaurant, Zeebop. A handful of 5 star resorts like Royal Orchid, Park Hyatt and Kenilworth have also established themselves on this beach.

Parasailing, jet skiing, beachside shopping are some of the touristy things, you may indulge in. Or you can choose to go for long walks along the beach strip on the sandy white beach (which by the way, has a lot of interesting treasures hidden beneath, if you’re into beachcombing) and enjoy a beautiful sunset. As the day comes to an end, all the shacks hike up the volume of their music, which creates a very lively and fun atmosphere. Utorda is well suited for people who are looking forward to some peace and solitude, away from the North Goa crowds and busy traffic.

Located at a road that runs parallel to the 26 km south Goa beach line. If you are arriving from the north of this beach, take the next curve from the Hyatt resort on the right. Follow the signs for Zeebop till you reach the parking area. If you are arriving from the south, once you are in Majorda, don’t go straight to the beach, but take the curve on the right after the speedbreaker and then turn left to reach Utorda.