Backwater Thrills

One can enjoy the endless sights and sounds of birds as it Cruises along the riverside tip of Dr. Salim Ali's Bird Sanctuary.One can experience the endless sights of thick mangroves, along the river Mandovi.

The tourists get to tickle their sense of smell through the spice world, juicy fruits, exotic plants and medicinal herbs at the Savoi Verem Spice Plantation.One of the unforgettable experience is felt after having the typical Goan Hindu Cuisine, served in earthen pots and banana leaves, providing a taste that lingers for a long time.

This cruise operates on every Tuesday and Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.The rates for this journey is 550/- per person inclusive of snacks and cold drinks on the board of the launch and lunch at Savoi Verem plantation.These cruises have a minimum booking of 5 seats.