Velssao Beach, Goa

Sea gulls merrily going about their business, stretches of beaches interrupted by coconut trees and a group of tourists or two: this is what Velssao Beach looks like! The golden sand here feels so endless, each grain sparkling in its own unique colour, free from the grime and pollution of the world. The waters are clean too, but often carry a strong undercurrent, so do make sure its okay to step in.

A drive along the beach roads is a must when here. You will see some quaint old bungalows locking a thousand mysteries, rippling paddy feilds, coconut trees bending over and tip-toeing into the seas and a lilly pad doted lake or two- all simply flashing by your window.

The Velssao Beach is located at what can be called the southernmost tip of Goa, near Bogmalo Beach and is easily accessible by the available means of transport.