Bogmalo Beach, Goa

A perfect amalgamation of the characters of North Goa and South Goa beaches, Bogmalo Beach is probably the busiest of all South Goan beaches, but has a lot of empty space unlike North Goa beaches. This beach does not have any shacks but establishments of a more permanent nature.

Bogmalo gets even more votes because of the San Jorge island. Regular trips to and from the island as well as engaging in other island activities, give people a chance to do something more than just shopping, lounging or eating on the beach. Since Bogmalo faces the west, one can enjoy spectacular sunsets here as well. Apart from water sports and other regular beach activities, there are a number of other interesting options available for you to enjoy. For instance, you can take up dolphin viewing trips, night trips, snorkeling, barbecues on the island, sunset trips and much more.

Only a few kilometers from the airport, Bogmalo is easily accessible via the airport highway. Take a turn from the Sancoale and follow the signboards for Bogmalo.