Chapora Fort

Popular for its history, the Chapora Fort is one of the prime attractions of Goa. Located about 10 km from Mapusa, the fort was built by the Portuguese in 1617. It was built by the Portuguese for the defence of their territories from the Marathas.

Before the Portugese, Adil Shah rulers of Bijapur had built a fort. After the reign of Adil Shah, the Portuguese took control of the fort and rebuilt it in 1617. It was rebuilt for defence of their territories in the face of several attacks by the Marathas. The Portuguese built underground tunnels in the fort to escape during times of emergency.

The Portuguese ruled Chapora Fort for more than 150 years. Marathas under Sambhaji conquered the fort twice. The Portuguese again gained control over the fort and in 1892 the fort was abandoned, after the frontier expanded further north.

Today, the fort is in ruins and one can get to see the entry points of the two tunnels built by the Portuguese to escape during emergency.

Although the fort has lost its glory but tourists do visit the fort to see beautiful panoramic view and to relax. From the fort, magnificent views of Anjuna beach, Chapora beach and Vagator beach can be seen.