Church of Our Lady of Compassion

The Church of Our Lady of Compassion is one of the most striking examples of the churches belonging to the Indian baroque period. As if to prove this very point, the exteriors and ceiling of the church is craved with flowers and other such motifs. Walking the passage of this dimly lit church with astoundingly simple interiors is an experience in its own right.

You won't be able to hold yourself from stealing a peep through the old world windows that are deeply set in the church walls. White is the colour that rules the roost of almost every nook and corner of this church. It's also considered to be the first Christian If you gaze towards south of the river that runs near, you'll have a pretty sight to behold, for the proud whites of the Churches of Old Goa are starkly visible across the skyline. Right by the church is a park where tourists can often be seen sitting subdued in thoughts as if lost in some deep conversation with the very Gods.