Church and Convent of St Francis of Assisi

This structure stands adjacent to the Se Cathedral and is one of the famous monuments of Old Goa. At the highly decorated altar of one of the chapels, is the statue of St. Francis, made out of wood and the statue of Our Lady of Miracles. Behind the altar, you will find the intricately ornamented wall with floral patterns. Besides this, the illustrated scenes from the Bible on the walls will take you through the Christian version of the journey of mankind.

The architecture of Church and Convent of St Francis of Assisi gives a Corinthian Baroque touch to this structure, which is built of laterite blocks and is lime-plastered. The west-facing church has a nave with three chapels on either side, two altars in the transept, a choir and a main altar. On the north of the main altar, there is a belfry and a sacristy. The the Archaeological Museum is housed within the convent, which forms an annexure to the church and it preserves items like ivory sculptures of Jesus Crucifixion, portrait paintings of Vasco da Gama as well as artifacts of Vishnu with ten incarnations, Surya and Gajalakshmi.