Goa Attraction

Goa is one the best tourist attraction in India. It is very popular tourist destinations because of its gorgeous beaches. Apart from beaches Goa also offers attractions, Goa cuisines, water sports and a colorful culture. There are many more things to explore in Goa like churches, one of the major attractions, natural beauty, shopping and nightlife. The Goa Carnival is unique in the sense it’s not celebrated elsewhere in India.

Beaches:Goa is a Land of Beaches, there are around 40 beaches in Goa,and some of them are still virgin. Anjuna, Calangute, Baga, Dona Paula, Colva and Bambolim are among the most famous beaches in Goa. Mostly beaches are divided into north and south Goa beaches. Each and every beach of Goa has it’s own importance, these beaches are paradise for beach lovers.

Cuisines: The cuisine of Goa is one of the best in India. The cuisine is mostly seafood based that include crabs, prawns, tiger prawns fish etc. It is also considered as Goa cuisine can’t be complete without fish. Foods in Goa are influence of Portuguese and Hindu. Fish Curry and rice is a traditional food of Goa, which is really very delicious.

Wildlife: There are some famous wildlife sanctuary in Goa like Madei, Cotigao and Bondla Wildlife sanctuary, which supports a rich flora and fauna. These natural habitats are home for a wide variety of wild animals, including Indian Bison (Gaur), Cobra and leopard. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in North Goa is famous for rare species of birds.

Culture: Goa offer a mix culture of India and Portugal. Culture of Goa including its heritage, people, fairs and festivals. There are number of churches in Goa built by the Portuguese and these are one of the great attractions in Goa. Rave Parties and late night parties on exotic beaches of Goa are the major attraction for tourist peoples. Goa Carnival and Nightlife in Goa offers a true flavor of mix culture of India and Portugal.

Natural Beauty: Goa is a state which is gifted with incredible natural beauty. Natural Beauty of Goa includes waterfalls, green forest, fabulous beaches and sunshine. Waterfalls in Goa are added attraction to its natural beauty, The Dudh Sagar waterfall is one the major waterfall in Goa.

Churches: Goa abounds in diverse types of tourist attraction. Frankly speaking it has everything to serve to every taste. However, the ones which have really made it stand out of entire lot are beaches and churches. If you are on beach vacations particularly then Colva, Baga and Benaulim among others are ideal to look for. But if you want to explore the grace of numerous churches in Goa and the story and significance attached to them then there is a vast list to be incorporated. The churches in Goa are regarded as important institutions. They are the ones which are carrying forward Portuguese legacy. They can be said to be the rich examples of Portuguese style of architecture. During 1812 when several temples were demolished, in their place churches were constructed. In fact it is held that lands were seized from the temples and were given to the churches.