Fun and Recreation

Fun and Recreation: Although Goa was made famous for its encouraging attitude towards doing nothing more than lounge by the beach, it's startling just how much else there is to do.
Whether it's at the break of the dawn or dusk, midnight or noon, there is no end of fun and frolic in Goa. The state is plushed with variety of options for the amusement of tourists. If one is longing for a drink check out the pubs and bars situated at all the beach sides and major cities. Or just hangout at the local shacks on the beach any time of the day and enjoy the oceanic panorama.
Nightlife in Goa is exciting and there are many ways to liven up the evening. Goans enjoy going out and it is not unusual to find families out for a night of merriment.
In certain areas, almost every third house has a bar-cum-restaurant. The place may not be anything special, usually just a room in the house that has been opened to the public with a couple of chairs and a table. But the atmosphere is great - totally relaxing and extremely conducive to an enjoyable night out with friends and family.
Most of the places serve exquisite seafood and other Goan delicacies and have well stocked bars. But if you are in the mood to dance to the rhythm of the ocean, get together a group of our friends, some food and drink and hit the beach. You are sure to have a special night - the sand the moon and the pounding waves.

Goa Fun : Known as the 'Pearl of the Orient', Goa the land of natural beauty, snugly sitting between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea is an ideal place for all those who crave for periods of solitude from their stressful life. It cuts a pretty picture with the thick growth of cashew nut and jackfruit grooves and the coconut and palm trees fringing the golden sun-drenched beaches of Goa. The magnetic scenic beauty is complementary to the historical edifices and its dual cultural traditions, the Latin fusing with the Indian resulting in the unique Goan culture.
It is not just the rollicking nightlife of drinks and drugs that can class Goa as fun but definitely Goa's oriental charm can be felt in its easy life style. You can catch a glimpse of Goa's history, rich culture, exotic cuisine and its scenic beauty, revel in the languid calmness of its atmosphere, charmed by a mando(love song) following the strains of a guitar and overlapped with the sensuous sound of waves and enjoy the magical feni, the locally brewed cashew nut drink. Goa Fun is all about Goa that makes it the favorite destination of many. Logging on to Goa Fun will help you decide why Goa should be your next holiday destination.

Recreation In Goa : There are numerous activities to pursue in goa that help in keeping visitors occupied for hours on end. When planning a trip to goa, needless to say keep in mind to schedule fair amount of time to explore the different types of recreational activities. The colorful and regal setting of goa offers unlimited possibilities that include enchantment from the playing in the beach with unending days of snorkeling.
It provides excitement above the waters by means of canoeing, wave running, parasailing, and nightly sunset sailing. Sailing has emerged as a main goa sport for centuries now. Besides sailing, tourist can also indulge themselves in activities such as diving, and fishing in almost all spots along the coast.
People interested in fishing can also rent out chartered boats for deep or shallow water fishing. Goa also offers a world-renowned shopping experience for original art, a wide range of handcrafts, beads, dry fruits, shells, jewelry and other such items.
Goa certainly offers abundant activities for people who wish to take part in both water related and land related activities. Vacationers can also take part in a wide variety of adventurous activities and excursions. A catamaran day trip is a relaxed and all-inclusive way to get off the island and swim, shell and snorkel.
You can also cruise along the water while enjoying the facilities of a bar all day long. Such cruises offer first-rate buffet lunch along with lively music. There are a number of reliable and reasonably priced excursion operators to choose from.